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World Youth Network International

World Youth Network International (WYN), a non-profit 501(c)3 educational organization, is dedicated to helping youth, parents and teachers shape a new context for life and learning. We are committed to preparing today’s students with the character education and social & emotional literacy skills equal to the challenges that humanity will face in the next millennium.

In 1996, World Youth Network International (WYN) was co-founded by D. Trinidad Hunt and Lynne M. Truair. Trinidad’s 20 year vision of providing youth with opportunity to discover who they are, their gifts and talents and the contribution that they can make to society culminated in the development of effective youth programs for self-discovery and empowerment.


* We are all natural learners
* We all share in similar human experience
* We are each special and a vital part of humanity
* We are here to contribute our gifts and talents to the whole


Faced with the reality of an interdependent world community, World youth Network International is dedicated to preparing young people to meet the challenges ahead. The landscape of the future will require individuals of limitless dimensions, educated, compassionate, courageous – visionaries willing to take a stand for the birth of a new world.


Our purpose is to equip our youth with essential life skills so they are able to:

* Understand their life experiences in a way that enriches their character and strengthens their self-identity.
* Confidently face personal challenges, stress and our changing environment.
* Resist the influence of peer pressure, drugs, gangs, bullying and cyberbullying.
* Succeed in school and achieve their life goals.
* Build healthy relationships and communicate effectively with their family members, adults and peers.
* Develop their personal potential and become contributing members of society.


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